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No Pump Fakes

Nov 12, 2021

Ahmad and Theus are joined by Marcus Thompson of the Athletic to discuss his new book “Dynasties: The 10 G.O.A.T Teams That Changed the NBA Forever”

How would you define a dynasty? Winning one title is not enough, you must involve the game, and be extraordinary to do something next level. Michael Jordan’s Chicago Bulls are Marcus’ team, and he gets into why this is all subjective based on the era you grew up in.

Ahmad, Theus, and Marcus get into the debate of greatest dynasties of all time, starting with the hot discussion around the Golden State Warriors and their historic run. From the Bill Russell Celtics and the Michael Jordan Bulls to the Tim Duncan Spurs and the Steph Curry Warriors, each team had its own architect, star, villain, and unbelievable stats.

Marcus Thompson:

Theus McBee:

Ahmad Smith: