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No Pump Fakes

Nov 23, 2021

Can the Phoenix Suns repeat as Western Conference Champs? 12 straight wins and fresh off the NBA Finals, why is no one talking about this team? The Suns are official! At what point do we start worrying about the Lakers, we’ve all been saying it’s early, but you can’t wait to the end of the season to turn it on so what is the cut off?
Would you build around Khris Middleton or Zach LaVine?
The Chicago Bulls look real, and Zach LaVine looks like a top-10 player in the league right now! Is it because he’s finally surrounded by other great players? Devin Booker, Zach LaVine, or Jimmy Butler? This era doesn’t care about defense, we don’t see offensive players playing defense. They’re hiding and guarding the worst player on the other team, should a Steph, Trae, and Luka play both sides of the game?
Cade Cunningham or Scottie Barnes? Scottie looking like a Giannis disciple already.

Ahmad Smith:

Theus McBee: