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Hoop Ties

Dec 21, 2021

The current landscape of the league is proving ample opportunities for many players in the G. What will the NBA do to battle Covid, will we see Christmas Day games?

Kemba Walker is back and it was a shame to see him on the bench. Happy to see him hooping because we know what he’s capable of, he was the scape goat for the Knicks struggles. Is it time to free Kemba?

The Lakers are bad and guys like Nikola Jokic are carrying a team with far less talent to a better winning percentage, what do LeBron and the Lakers need to fix this? It’s time to make a move for Myles Turner.

How do we fix the Dallas Mavericks…get a point guard! They need to pair someone with Luka so he isn’t dribbling the air out of the ball every possession. Luka doesn’t have the athleticism or stamina to carry the entire load all season plus the post season. They need a shot creator. 

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