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Hoop Ties

Oct 29, 2021

Rashad takes us through the evolution of the game all the way back to 1946. How positions have changed and how these "5" positions are an injustice to the game and players. We are living through the most talented era by far and positions are outdated.

Rashad walks us through the new NBA and how positions should be viewed based on today's play. Comparing Chris Paul to Luka Doncic is not the same thing, Luka is a dual forward. The definition of a "four level scorer" - close, mid, three, and parking lot. Steph, Dame, and Trae are the only four level scorers in the NBA, meaning as soon as they cross half court they're in play. Rashad ranks his top players from traditional guards to dual forwards to hybrid post.

Is Julius Randle a top 25 player and will SGA be a top ten player in two years?

Rashad Phillips:

Theus McBee:

Ahmad Smith: