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Hoop Ties

Feb 22, 2022

LeBron James playing with his son Bronny James is flat-out special and who knows what it will look like but ultimately it’s special. Today people are quick to judge LeBron but pump the brakes, he’s 37 years old and still a top-5 NBA player, LeBron can continue to play at a high level for another 3+ years! Bronny is a talent and regardless of his dad don’t underestimate how good he is. Comparing LeBron’s longevity with Tom Brady and why what LeBron is doing is incredible. Bottom line, we have never seen an athlete like LeBron James so appreciated it before he’s gone.

The NBA 75 list missed Tracy McGrady and Dwight Howard. We understand that lists are not easy and it’s always easy to say who should be on the list. It’s also important to realize that you need to remove players in order to add players. The ultimate respect comes from your peers and when Allen Iverson says T-Mac should be on the list that carries weight.

Shoutout the SLAM 75 before 94 covers and would LeBron and Steph have been the greatest duo of all time?

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