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No Pump Fakes

Nov 26, 2021

Josh Smith joins Theus and Ahmad on this episode of “No Pump Fakes”. Back in 2004 going straight into the League from high school was a pretty rare thing - the guys get into what it took to make that leap and what landing at home in Atlanta for the start really meant to him and the future of his career.

Undoubtedly one of the best players to never reach the All-star team, the guys dig deep with Josh about what that process was like, and now in hindsight what went through his head each time the opportunity passed. They get real about the Western Conference Final of 2015 and the brotherhood formed on that Houston Rockets team.

How it feels being a trend starter with the dunk contest, who his top five favourite dunkers in NBA history are, and who comes out on top? Who are his up and coming guys and teams to watch; His advice for the next generation of players and how being true to yourself and having a love for the game will always put your on top.

Josh Smith:

Ahmad Smith:

Theus McBee: