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No Pump Fakes

Aug 5, 2022

All-Star is in Utah this year...This is the year where Anthony Edwards breaks out and separates himself, is ANT the best player on the Timberwolves? Tyler Herro is on the right team to win ball games and make his case for becoming a first-time All-Star. Are we accounting for injury replacements? Does SGA have a chance...

Aug 2, 2022

We are in August…we talking about pro-am basketball and sleeper teams this upcoming season. Atlanta, we have high expectations for you this season, top-4 seed or disappointment. The New Orleans Pelicans secured Zion and now its time to deliver on the hardwood. Can we even compare the Memphis Grizzlies to the Utah Jazz...

Jul 29, 2022

Is Draymond Green worthy of a 4-year max extension? Should he be rewarded for winning 4 titles with the Warriors, or should his success be credited to Steph Curry? Is he a First-Ballot HOF-er? Plus, is Dame Lillard taking the easy way out by not asking for a trade?
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Jul 26, 2022

Do the Celtics need Kevin Durant…they were just in the NBA Finals and only two games away from winning. Is Jaylen Brown a top-3 SG in the NBA? The Celtics are in win-now mode but if you make a trade for KD you’re going to give up so much more than Jaylen Brown. Plus Giannis and the Bucks ain’t going...

Jul 22, 2022

Welcome St. Louis native Larry Hughes! Larry had the unique opportunity to play with both Michael Jordan and LeBron James, he shares the greatness that both of them possess. Making the NBA is incredible but staying in the NBA is special, Larry talks about longevity and why sustained success is the true “greatness”...