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Hoop Ties

Dec 31, 2021

It’s only right that we celebrate LeBron James and his 37th Birthday, Happy Birthday LBJ! 

The East

The Brooklyn Nets have dealt with so much volatility, and they’re still number 1 in the east, now with Kyrie partially back, good luck! The Bulls have to continue this regular season success into the post season. As Champs, do the Milwaukee Bucks have the most to prove this year? It’s a statement year for the Miami Heat, was the bubble an anomaly? The Cavs are the biggest surprise! 

The West 

The Warriors are good what else can you say, a-lot of people were wrong about them. The Suns have the chemistry to run it back. The Jazz…early playoff exit. The Grizzlies mind their own business, watch out. Nikola Jokic is doing it all for the Nuggets.

Enjoy the mailbag and Happy New Year! 

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